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Selected publications

  • Ivan Fernandez-Lamo, Daniel Gomez-Dominguez, Alberto Sanchez-Aguilera, Azahara Oliva, Aixa Victoria Morales, Manuel Valero, Elena Cid, Antal Berenyi and Liset Menendez de la Prida. Proximodistal Organization of the CA2 Hippocampal Area. Cell Reports 26, (2019)

  • Manuel Valero, Robert G. Averkin, Ivan Femandez-Lamo, Juan Aguilar, Diego Lopez-Pigozzi, Jorge R. Brotons-Mas,Elena Cid, Gabor Tamas, and Liset Menendez de la Prida. Mechanisms for Selective single-Cell Reactivation during Offline Sharp-Wave Ripples and Their Distortion by Fas1t Ripples. Neuron. Doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2017.05.032

  • M. Valero, E. Cid, RG. Averkin, J.Aguilar, A. Sanchez-Aguilera, TJ. Viney, D.Gomez-Dominguez, E. Bellistri, L. Menendez de la Prida. Determinants of different deep and superficial CA1 pyramidal cell dynamics during sharp-wave ripples. Nature Neuroscience 18, 1281–1290 (2015).

  • C. Alvarado-Rojas, G. Huberfeld, M. Baulac, S. Clemenceau, S. Charpier,R. Miles, L. Menendez de la Prida*CA, M. Le Van Quyen. Different mechanisms of ripple-like oscillations in the human epileptic subiculum. Ann Neurol. 77(2):281-90 (2015).

  • F.Laurent, JR. Brotons-Mas, E.Cid, D.Lopez-Pigozzi, M.Valero, B.Gal, L.Menendez de la Prida. Proximodistal structure of theta coordination in the dorsal hippocampus of epileptic rats. J Neuroscience. 35(11): 4760-4775 (2015)

  • A.Altuna, E.Bellistri, E.Cid, P.Aivar, B.Gal, J.Berganzo, G.Gabriel, A.Guimerà, R.Villa, LJ.Fernández, L.Menendez de la Prida. SU-8 based microprobes for simultaneous neural depth recording and drug delivery in the brain. Lab Chip. 2013 Feb 14 (2013)

  • G.Huberfeld, L.Menendez de la Prida, J.Pallud, I.Cohen, M.l Le Van Quyen,C.Adam,Clemenceau,.M.Baulac, R.Miles Glutamatergic pre-ictal discharges emerge at the transition to seizure in human epilepsy. Nat Neu 14:627-634 (2011)

  • M.Inostroza, E.Cid, J.Brotons-Mas, B.Gal, P.Aivar, Y.G.Uzcategui, C.Sandi, L.Menendez de la Prida
    Hippocampal dependent spatial memory in the water maze is preserved in an experimental models of temporal lobe epilepsy. PLoS ONE 6(7) e22372 (2011)

  • G. Foffani, Y.G. Uzcategui, B. Gal, L. Menendez de la Prida. Reduced spike-timing reliability orrelates with the emergence of fast ripples in the rat epileptic hippocampus. Neuron 55:930-941 (2007)

  • L. Menendez de la Prida, Gilles Huberfeld, Ivan Cohen, and Richard Miles. Threshold behavior in the initiation of hippocampal population bursts. Neuron (2006) 49:131-142
  • L.Menendez de la Prida. Functional features of the rat subicular microcircuits studied in vitro. Behav Brain Res (2006) 174: 198-205

  • L. Menendez de la Prida and B. Gal. Synaptic contributions to focal and widespread spatiotemporal dynamics in the isolated rat subiculum in vitro. J Neuroscience (2004) 24:5525-5536

  • L.Menendez de la Prida. Control of bursting by local inhibition in the subiculum in vitro. J Physiol (2003) 549:219-230

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